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Carrie: Your Wayward Guide to Cool Jobs

Carrie: Your Wayward Guide to Cool Jobs

Howdy folks, and welcome back to “My Cool Job” which has been on hiatus for some months now.

It’s funny how many times I have mentioned this blog to people in the last few months…and yet it is only in the last few days that I’ve come to realize:

a) How long it’s been since I posted anything, and how much I miss the fun of finding my interviewees and learning more about them;

b) How much I miss my WordPress pals:  for a while now I’ve spent more time in ‘real life’ than online, but it seems that I need the creative outlet that this blog provides and the awesome interactions that come from it.  Having a few of you peeps on Facebook just doesn’t seem to satisfy so I’ll humbly ask you to let me back into the blogosphere; and

c) I’ve committed a faux pas of the highest order by wheedling a dear friend into providing an interview, which somehow never got published, and it’s time to make that right!

Hopefully, all of the above will be corrected within the next 24 hours when the secret of what a ‘Usability Tester’ actually does is revealed in detail…

Stay tuned and tell me you missed me.  I have certainly missed all of you!


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