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My new camcorder has arrived, the battery has been charged, and I’ve shot a few test clips to play with…HOORAY! However, getting the clips from the camera to my PC hard drive to Windows Movie Maker to YouTube is turning out to be more of a challenge than anticipated….AWWW!

I would hate for you all to despair of me not putting up a post at all until I have my technical difficulties sorted out (which could be a few more days and involve much hair-pulling on my part), so I’m going to take a cue from my other blog and just post an awesome music video….and since the word “working” is in the title, I feel that this is the place to post it.

“Mature” readers please cast your minds back to 1981 when no one had ever heard anything like Devo before and relive the original mind-blowing that you got when you first heard it. “Youthful” readers will be amazed to learn that Mark Mothersbaugh, the lead singer of this very silly (and very ground-breaking!) band went on to write the theme song and show music for “Rugrats”, “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, and even “The Sims 2” game!

But enough random facts already…close the door, turn up the speakers, and dance your butt off to Devo’s amazing version of the 1966 classic “Working in the Coal Mine“:

I promise to keep you posted on my progress with the new camcorder, and as always, if you get here and don’t see a new post, check out my other, much more silly blog for the latest!


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