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Ross Janes

One of the things I’ve noticed in reviewing the posts of the last few weeks is that speaking a few different languages can be a great route to ending up with a cool job:see Diplomat, Social Anthropologist, and Sign Language Interpreter. However, if none of those careers suits you, consider teaching your native language to others in a foreign country.

Today’s contributor Ross Janes is originally from Canada, but has spent most of the last decade teaching English in Japan to students of all ages. It is clear to me from reading his blog, and seeing this picture of him at work with his students, that he’s a great communicator (and very silly) in both English and Japanese.

So…bored where you are and ready to see the world? Let’s go to Japan and see what it’s like to teach English there!

When people ask you ‘what do you do?’ how do you describe your job?
My first response is usually, ‘as little as possible for the most money’. Then I say that I teach English to students from 3 to 80 years old, individually or in small groups. I mainly teach conversational English; but I also have Business English classes, English Proficiency Test practice sessions, and visit 2 kindergartens. I co-host a travel show at the local radio station as well.

What are the things about your job that you love?
I love talking to people and finding out what they are interested in. Among my students there is a small aircraft pilot, an equestrian dressage rider, a Teddy Bear club president, a sparkling water connoisseur, and a support member for the Hino team in the Paris to Dakar race.


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