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WTF???I’m still pumping out emails in order to find the next Cool Job for y’all…when the replies come in I’ll be good for weeks and in the meantime I’ll try to keep everyone mildly entertained.

Today, there is a mystery for us to solve! Put on your deerstalker, grab your meerschaum pipe and follow me!

I like that people are reading My Cool Job, and although I don’t care too much about the numbers (I’m much more flattered when people actually stop by to comment), I do look at the wordpress ‘stats’ page every once in a while. Today, I noticed that there have been 6 visitors today to my little corner of the web that were referred by this address: http://blog.fc2.com/.

The address looks rather innocuous and boring, doesn’t it? i thought so too, until I started surfing the site in question only to discover unicorns, bunny rabbits, Ze Frank-ish ‘duckies’, lots of pictures of cute kids and strange food, and interesting tidbits like this: “‘ve D&G BODY ジオン d’erlanger 90’s L’Arc~en~Ciel L’ALSACIENNE color’s B’z GRILL’OR 浜崎あゆみ,talkin’ pop’nmusic color’s~“.

Small though my readership may be, I do know it includes people from literally all over the world, so I’m hoping that with the combined brainpower, language skills and sometimes weird but always entertaining imagination power of the Cool Jobsters we can figure this out together.

Here are some of my guesses as to what it all might mean:

Tadanobu Asano1) I have a bi-lingual reader who likes My Cool Job but is too shy to email me and let me know;

2) This is a clever ploy by the skate punks who invaded my blog a few weeks ago to drive me insane with curiosity;

3) It’s all meaningless: just another computer-generated link to a blog that was created by a robot program;

4) Japanese actor, musician, fashion model and ultra-hottie Tadanobu Asano has received the psychic transmissions I’ve been sending every time I watch Last Life In the Universe, Zatoichi and Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl. The link in question is just his way of saying “Ohio!” to his biggest fan*;

5) OK…now it’s your turn. What does it all mean?

Best answer gets a prize!

*Note: For those of you not familiar with Tadanobu Asano (aka the “Johnny Depp of Japan”), this guess is about as likely as Brad Pitt stopping by your house for a cup of tea, but equally nice to imagine. Sigh.

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