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Welcome to Casual Friday here at My Cool Job. We’re going to put on our jeans, relax, and do something a little different today.

Most of the careers that have been featured on the site so far require decades of training and practice, years of education, and total dedication to a lifelong career. But what if you’re just not up to all that commitment and hard work? Is there is a cool job that doesn’t require years of training and only lasts a few days?

Of course there is! Fellow blogger and cool jobster CurlyWurlyGirly has arrived with all the information you’ll need to decide if jury duty is for you! Pull up a seat Law & Order fans…it’s time to read about the adventures of Juror Number 7.

Perry Mason makes his case to 11 Angry Men...and Juror Number 7

My job title and a short description of what I do:

For 4 days in February 2008, I enjoyed a brief stint as Juror Number 7 on a civil case. Said ‘job’ included being selected from a crowd of 300+ people, being subjected to hours of tedious questioning by lawyers to determine my worthiness to serve on said jury, trying to keep my yap shut when dining with the other jurors before it was time to deliberate, and fearing for my physical safety if we didn’t find for the Plaintiff (he was a behemoth of a man and happened to live 2 miles from my house). I was also able to put my referee skills (in real life I work in a high school) to work to prevent the other jurors from fighting during deliberations. With 12 Angry Men in mind, I played the devil’s advocate after all the other jurors had determined that they thought the defendant was not guilty. It was a grand time!

What I loved about the job:

I loved going to the judge’s bench for a sidebar! I felt so special whispering to him and the other lawyers about an issue that might have precluded me from jury service–luckily it didn’t. I also enjoyed (more…)


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