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I originally had more monumental plans for this movie, but now that it’s Halloween it’s time to post what I’ve got, and I think it came out just fine.  Happy Halloween, Cool Jobsters!

oh, and long live the S.L.O.B.S.!

Awesome costumes courtesy of CurlyWurlyGurly!

Awesome costumes courtesy of CurlyWurlyGurly!

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I assure you that within the next 24 hours there will be a new “Cool Job” appearing on the site — you asked for more Cool Jobsters in the performing arts, and I’m happy to oblige.

In the meantime, for the benefit of my stalkers I have updated the “About” page on my other blog to include some interesting personal facts that will astound and amaze you…if you can figure out which ones are true!

Come see me here to join in the fun!

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Tomorrow we’ll be returning to the world of work and putting another link on the Cool Job list, but before we get to that, it’s movie time again!

Now that it has made its “official theatrical debut” on Tony’s Blog, it’s time for me to share my latest movie with you. For those of you not in the know, “Flat Tony” has been e-mailing himself to his many online friends in widely scattered places around the globe in attempt to broaden his horizons. Do check out Tony’s blog for more of his adventures around the world!

Here is what happened when “Flat Tony” came to visit me in Washington, New Jersey.

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You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Frequent commenter and personal BFF pannonica has a birthday today!

You can view my video tribute and wish her a Happy Birthday here!

P.S.  Yours truly has a birthday tomorrow, October 3rd…just sayin’.  🙂

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After a few trials and tribulations getting it posted on YouTube (mostly involving copyright issues that caused me to have to make some alternate song choices), my newest film “The Man Who Would Be A Millionaire” is available on YouTube (and at the end of this post) and the story can finally be told…

Last Thursday I received a call from my good friend Rich Zaleski (aka Nixon Kutz, Roller Derby Referee) letting me know he had an extra ticket to attend a taping of the ABC game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire“.   I thought it sounded like a fun day out, but my ears didn’t really prick up until he further  informed me that I’d have an opportunity to try out for the show after the taping.   How could I refuse?

I can’t claim to be a big fan of the show, but I do see it on a regular basis because of my own cool job.  How is this possible, you ask?  The answering service for which I am the Operations Manager has a TV set to keep us all from dying of boredom when it’s slow, and my office manager never misses an episode.   It seems that I’m often stopping in the operations room to pick up mail when the show is on, and I always take a few moments to answer whatever question is on the screen then wait to find out if I’m right.   Since my answers are correct more often than not, when Rich called and invited me….how could I say no?

I’ll skip the details of the trip to NYC and tell you the things you want to know.   All tapings at ABC Studios are free, so getting tickets is simply a (more…)

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I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I am stuck here at work at 5:13am (don’t ask!) and was thinking of all of you loyal readers, supremely confident that you’re dying to know what’s coming up soon on My Cool Job. In the next week or so I’ll be introducing those of you who don’t already know her to author, blogger, motivator, and avatar-of-awesomeness Hayden Tompkins and her recently released e-book. Hayden’s on the verge of a new career adventure, and I’m looking forward to sharing her interview and her new book with all of you Cool Jobsters.

I did skip my “Casual Friday” post — but this past week I had a great reason! At the last minute I was invited by a pal to go try out for a game show in NYC. What was the show? Did I make the cut? All will be revealed in an upcoming post, which will most likely include the silly movie about our adventure that is currently being edited by my minions at Golden Mole Studios.

Until I am back at my regular computer and can finish the posts mentioned above, I would like to share the following videos with you as proof that it isn’t always boring working at a drive-thru.

And because I know if you watch the videos you will have questions, the FAQ answers for this post are as follows: 1) Yes, of course I know all the words to the fast food rap; and 2) Yes, the 911 call IS real.



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What do a professional puppeteer and an an elephant keeper have in common? That’s right — both of these professions will be featured on My Cool Job this week, and I am in the process of editing these entries.

However, my introductions would have been more polished by now had I not spent the weekend with my son and niece and nephews creating our most recent masterpiece: “The Legend Of Guitar Hero”.

Watch and enjoy (and remember that Kevin Smith, John Waters and Wes Anderson all made a first movie starring friends and family because they couldn’t afford professional talent…)

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