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…well, actually, I’d like to thank Miranda and the gang over at Creative Construction: Life and Art for giving “Legend of Guitar Hero” it’s first (and most likely only) award as the winner of the weekly creativity contest!

There’s a wealth of talent and creativity over at Creative Construction, and I hope you’ll all go over and take a look and get involved.

Check back later today for my newest Cool Jobster to make an appearance!

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What do a professional puppeteer and an an elephant keeper have in common? That’s right — both of these professions will be featured on My Cool Job this week, and I am in the process of editing these entries.

However, my introductions would have been more polished by now had I not spent the weekend with my son and niece and nephews creating our most recent masterpiece: “The Legend Of Guitar Hero”.

Watch and enjoy (and remember that Kevin Smith, John Waters and Wes Anderson all made a first movie starring friends and family because they couldn’t afford professional talent…)

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