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I originally had more monumental plans for this movie, but now that it’s Halloween it’s time to post what I’ve got, and I think it came out just fine.  Happy Halloween, Cool Jobsters!

oh, and long live the S.L.O.B.S.!

Awesome costumes courtesy of CurlyWurlyGurly!

Awesome costumes courtesy of CurlyWurlyGurly!


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Nixon Kutz

My good friend Rich Z, professionally known as Nixon Kutz, was kind enough to send me his interview about what it’s like to be a Roller Derby Referee just in time for Causal Friday. Woo hoo!

The sport of women’s roller derby has been around for almost 100 years with few changes to the “flat track” rules since the 1930s. One of the first promoters of roller derby was sportswriter Damon Runyon, who is best known for writing the short stories that were later adapted for the musical “Guys and Dolls” — and, of course, for inspiring the term “Runyonesque”.

Although the popularity of professional women’s roller derby has waxed and waned throughout the years, it has remained one of the few women’s contact sports (besides “jello wrestling”) that has entered the popular culture — iconic enough to even be featured on VH1’s Rock of Love 2 reality show last season.

But what it is like to officiate at a sports event that races around a track at 20 miles per hour and has a vibe somewhere between the X-Games and rubgy? Is it fun? Is it dangerous? Do the crowds really go wild when someone goes down? (Editor’s Note: Nixon Kutz asked me to tell you this in answer to these questions: “ Yes, it is dangerous, people do get hurt. Is it fun? Hell Yeah! The crowd doesn’t go wild when someone goes down, they go wild when they see a well placed, hard hitting block executed!”)

Let’s find out about the wild world of roller derby from Nixon Kutz:

When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your job?

Well one of the things I do, outside of my regular profession, is I am a women’s flat track roller derby referee. Actually, I am the head referee for the Morristown Madams. They are the flagship team for the Western Jersey Outlaw League. My duties are overseeing the other 6 referees necessary to a roller derby bout, interfacing with the statisticians and score board operator, along with also watching the action on the track. There are times when it feels like I am a cat herder.

What are the things about your job that you love?

I enjoy the fact that it is somewhere between an amateur sport and a professional sport. The true meaning of (more…)

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I won’t embed because it may not be suitable for work, but a loyal reader sent me this link to a classic sketch from The Man Show, and I had to share:    Casual Sex Fridays

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